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 the suffering

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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تاريخ التسجيل : 09/08/2008
الموقع : coldxwar117

مُساهمةموضوع: the suffering   الجمعة ديسمبر 19, 2008 10:56 am

Genre of the game: Action

Developer: Surreal Of software

Status: in official sale since September 26,2005

Russian status: in official sale since June 1,2006

Publisher: Midway

Size: 1,69 Gb

Language: English

You will not wish this fate even bitten enemy… Revived night nightmares, which move horror and aversion of creature - and the need for each second being on the alert in order to save its own skin.

It seemed that threat remained behind and to main hero - prisoner on the name Of [tork], it was possible to forever leave the infernal island, [kishashchiy] by loathsome creatures. But horror overtake it, also, in the native city - Baltimore is seized by the same nightmarish monsters. Being repulsed from the sickening infernal creations, [Tork] continues to recall the dramatic history of its life, which led it into the prison. As before, folly tears up its reason, and the terrible creature, which sits in it, aims to be escape.

Localized version Of the Of suffering: Ties Of that Of bind continues the bloody traditions of legendary first part, which rightfully is considered one of the most terrible games in the history. Freezing to the shower of [khorror] and reckless epinephrine [ekshn] they are united in the infernal cocktail in order to hold player in the most severe stress.

The imposing arsenal of the means of destruction, accessible to player, supplements the unprecedented atmosphere of horror and suffering. 3 types of missile grenades and more than 14 types of weapon, among which the pistols, fowling-pieces, automata and even grenade discharger, help main hero to diversely and extremely realistically reduce the population of loathsome monsters.

Special features of the product:

Unknown previously combination of that freezing to the shower of [khorrora] with the reckless epinephrine [ekshenom]

[Bestiariy] it beats all records on [izvrashchennosti] and [monstruoznosti]

14 forms of weapon and 3 types of the missile grenades

Mysterious characters play ambiguous role in the fate Of [torka]

Enormous Baltimore is seized by infernal creations, and in order to rescue - it is necessary to pass entire way to the end, after sowing death and destruction

Minimum system requirements:

Operating system Of windows® of 2000/XP

Pentium® OF III 1 GHz

128 M[b] of the working storage

2 GB of vacant place on the hard disk

Video adapter with the memory 32 mb. (GeForce/Radeon), compatible from DirectX® 8.0

Sonic device, compatible from DirectX®

DirectX® 9.0b
pass :
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Leval 14
Leval 14

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the suffering
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